Put Your Faith in Action

Our Ministries

The Church is built upon our members.  Always remember "We Are the Church." Consider using your talents to strengthen our parish. For information regarding your needs or to explore your desire to become involved in your parish, click here for ministry descriptions or contact the appropriate representative listed below to assist you.

Pray about it. Take time to ask God how He wants you to use the gifts and talents you were blessed with in any of our parish organizations.  God Bless


Altar Linen Care: Josie Reed, 724-774-5612

Altar Servers: Marilyn Zona, 412-974-8528

Annulments: Dominic Barracchini, 412-420-9552

Baptism Prep: Gary & Tina Grimm, 724-495-2385

Calendar Lottery: Marlene Kislock, 724-775-8875

Children’s Choir: Mike Spagnolo, 724-266-2173

Choir & Cantors: Mike Spagnolo, 724-266-2173

Christ Renews His Parish:
      Men: Gary Grimm, 724-495-2385
     Women: Jolene Getch , 724-774-6167

Christian Mothers: Barb Ammerman, 724-775-4796

Church Decorators: Donna Gamble, 724-775-5764

Church Grounds: Matt Dorenkott, 724-495-9606

Community Table:
     2nd Thursday, Reyne Hogue, 724-846-4984

     3rd Tuesday, Bev Davis, 724-775-3811

Eucharistic Ministers:
Linda Gomory, 724-847-1448

Facilities Manager: Al Gallo, 724-774-3810

Finance Council: Ed Wasko, 724-774-1779

Fish Fry: M/M Jerry Kislock, 724-775-6167

Fundraising Comm.:
M/M Jerry Kislock, 724-775-8875



Greeters: Linda Lombardo, 724-728-4615

Home Visits: Linda Gomory, 724-8471448

Knights of Columbus:
John Mamone, 724-774-9319

Lectors: Marilyn Zona, 412-974-8528

Liturgical Comm.: Fr. Paul Kuppe, 724-775-0801

McGuire Home Volunteers:
Fr. Mike Greb, 724-847-4595

Monthly Lottery Tix: Gerry Kislock, 724-775-8875

Offertory Counters: Al Gallo, 724-774-3810

Office Receptionists: Josie Reed, 724-774-1463

Pastoral Council: John Hummel, 724-775-1837

Prayer Shawl Ministry:
Chris Patsch, 724-774-1463

Pre-Cana: M/M Gary Grimm, 724-495-2385

Resurrection Choir: Jim Kairis, 724-843-8231

R.C.I.A.: Fr. Mark Carter, 443-844-8417

Rochester Manor Mass:
Nancy Fazzoni, 724-774-5079

Sacristans: Al Gallo, 724-774-3810

Spec. Needs: Pauline Gaffney, 724-480-5437

Scripture Study:
     Sunday, Julianne Peterson, 724-773-0506
     Thursday, Nancy Fazzoni, 724-774-5079

Youth Group: Danielle Simoni, 724-462-5769

Youth Lectors: Rosie Flajnik, 724-777-9176

Youth Servers: Marilyn Zona, 412-974-8528